"szn" but with a c

Our story:

My primary goal in life has always been to challenge the systems which have been put in place to define and box our thinking. One of the most prominent ways in which I've tried to do this has been through fashion. For the past few years, I've dedicated myself to the study of fashion and the ways in which it could be used to redefine various parameters.

From this the idea of CZN was born. The essence of the brand lies in creating subtle paradoxes that crush the idea of conformity and allow us as people to define ourselves through the different "czn"s of our lives. 

The aim before all the layers is to create unity, a space in which we can express ourselves as beings through clothing and be different but still belong. In that lies the foundation of every design, process and form of exposure. 

Our logo is more than just a brand, it symbolises a family.